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I got seriously interested in the aviation photos around 2004. Since then I've been visiting numerous airshows and spotter days around Europe, spent quite some time at the airport fences etc.

All... well, OK, let's say the vast majority ;-) of my pictures are taken from the publicly accessible places - either surroundings of the installations, or just an airshow that you could buy the ticket for. As for the gear, I use the Canon EOS-1D bodies and (depending on the conditions) a subset of: 500/4, 300/2.8 and 70-200/2.8 lenses.

I'm a freelancer, publishing in both printed and online media, mostly in Switzerland (where I live) and Poland (where I originate from). Apart from this website (which is currently getting close to 10.000 photos!), I maintain two others:

I am an active contributor to several photography- and aviation-related forums in Poland and Switzerland.


Mobile: +41 79 2948241

E-mail: dan¡el@rychc¡k.com

LinkedIn: Daniel Rychcik


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