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I hate big watermarks, long and boring C0pYRigHT notices etc :-) Still, just a reminder that all the contents of this site belongs to me exclusively. You are allowed to view the images, link to them in a non-commercial way (including hotlinking, however in this case I'd like you to mention the source). You are not allowed to modify and use the altered images without my explicit permission.

If you'd like to have some photos in a bit bigger format for personal use - e.g. wallpaper or to hang on your wall, don't hesitate to ask - I am a cool guy ;-) and just to know that somebody likes what I do is already rewarding. If you would like some for commercial purposes (advertisement/publishing) - let me know as well.

I'm very open for request to cover your event / take some pictures of your aircraft, etc. As you can guess, I am doing that all the time anyway :-) and in a non-commercial fashion. In exchange for providing me extra oportunities (be it air-to-air session, or extra access to the showground), you can always expect some good photos, with a friendly, non-exclusive usage license.


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